Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be cheerful? I can think of at least three.

1.  Look at the lovely daffodils in my garden. This year they survived a covering of snow. But now spring is here!


2.  I’ve passed my tenth speech, the one they call the Masterpiece at my speakers club, which means I qualify for the ASC Certificate of Achievement. I spoke about the suffragettes, particularly Leonora Cohen, a Leeds suffragette. I’ve been enjoying learning about this fascinating piece of history from a book called Rebel Girls by Jill Liddington, which is about Yorkshire suffragettes.Rebel-Girls (2)

3.  And last but not least… Ian was a Morrison’s scratch card winner. His prize? Four iced doughnuts!

DonutsWell, that’s a good reason to be cheerful, isn’t it? Not for Ian though. He’s a vegan and the doughnuts weren’t. So all he could do was enjoy the hole in the middle.


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