Welcome to my Links page. Here you will find links under the headings of ‘Mental Health’, ‘Writing’ and ‘Public Speaking’


 Seeking  help and information:

(If you’re living outside the UK I hope you can find similar organisations offering help and info where you are).  Tel: 08457 9090   The Samaritans are a 24 hour confidential support for people experiencing distress and/or suicidal feelings.    Lots of information here from a leading UK mental health charity.   Asylum magazine have listed resources on their website giving practical support to help people cope with mental distress. Additionally they have compiled a list of places in the UK – not part of the mental health system – that offer alternative sources of support.

Coming Off Psychiatric Medication:

Other Websites:

 These are a few of the websites I visit (listed in no particular order)


PUBLIC SPEAKING:   The Association of Speakers Clubs.    If you are a woman living in the Leeds area who wants to gain confidence in public speaking, come and join us at the White Rose Ladies Speakers Club.