Since getting a new computer and losing a lot of the stuff on my old one (because silly me didn’t have adequate back-ups), I’m still learning how to use this new one. I haven’t even figured out yet how to put pictures on my computer, let alone put them on my blog. This post should have a picture of daffodils, but you’ll have to imagine them.

I’ve been caught up in family matters lately, culminating in a bereavement. It was not unexpected and, in a way, not really too sad. The aunt who has died was in her nineties and she remained cheerful to the end and ‘ready’ and unafraid to go. My last memory of her will be of Ian and I singing ‘Doggy in the Window’ with her and she laughed each time we did the ‘Woof, woof’. She always loved a sing-song, and her sense of humour never left her. The day she died she complained of the taste of the mouth swabs and requested they be dipped in gin and tonic (the nurse complied). I think she died happy. She has requested daffodils for her funeral flowers ‘because they are bright and cheerful’.

I love daffodils, too. When I see them now I will remember a wonderful lady.


5 thoughts on “Daffodils

  1. I’m so glad the nurse acquiesced to your aunt’s request! What a sad Saturday this is being – this is the third post I’ve read today about bereavement. Let’s hope it’s just the three. I’m happy your aunt had such a good innings.

  2. Hi Jean, I enjoyed reading the memories of your Aunt. I too love daffodils and have some out this very day – they made me think of your post which I read at the weekend. Hope that your novel is progressing a little after all that computer drama. Take good care, Ruth

    • The daffodils in my garden are just starting to open out. My novel is on hold again while I make my mind up what (if anything) to do with it. You too Ruth take good care.

      • It’s so difficult Jean, with creative projects, hope that the clarity comes. I wrote a first draft of a novel series last year in the Summer but haven’t been able to return to it. I’m trying to focus on a self-help book now. Too many ideas/projects and not enough time/strength to do them!! They say that no work is ever wasted, though,so I’m sure you’ll find value in what you’ve written. All the best and keep me updated! 🙂

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