Hundred Years On…

Can you imagine being 100 years old? I can’t. It must have been a whole different world a century ago when Elsie was a baby in 1913. Imagine having all those birthdays over the years, and now she has just celebrated her hundredth.

birthday_balloonsI arrived at the care home for Elsie’s birthday party to find her reclining on her chair with two carers at each side of her, painting her nails. ‘I feel like a Princess,’ she said. A table was filled with gifts and cards, including a card from the queen. The Lord Mayor was due to visit. And Elvis.

The Birthday Girl, Elsie, smiled from ear to ear. She was bright, chatty and full of fun, obviously enjoying all the fuss and special attention everyone was bestowing on her.The other residents, even the usually sleepy ones, had an animated look on their faces today and all joined in to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Elsie.

All in all, it was one of those lovely, heart-warming occasions that leave you feeling happy and wanting to share it with others. Elsie’s cheerful face and her proud announcement, ‘I am a hundred today!’, will stay with me for a long time.

2 thoughts on “Hundred Years On…

  1. Hi Jean, after all those weeks of anxious worrying, which I’m sure I commented on here about? anyway pleased you okay and enjoying a party, hey wait till we are celebrating our 100th, we might get lunch some time efore then?! x

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