1 thought on “Talk by Jacqui Dillon

  1. Thanks Jean for linking this talk, I’ve not had chance to listen to it all yet but she is an impressive intellectual and articulate speaker, which backs up her description of having been a ‘gifted’ child, some of her voices helping her to survive the most appalling abuse, fortunately that positive experience in school aided her ‘recovery’ and ability to rise above it, others are less fortunate. Having been treated within the mental health system and seeing friends and relatives who have I have little reason to defend psychiatry but I have had some ‘good enough’ experiences with individual psychiatrists to know there is hope for change, being confronted with people in severe distress, day to day, who’s world view differs from their own must be challenging, same goes for G.P.s, reaching for a prescription pad is an easy option, perhaps campaigns against the commercial interests. pharmaceutical companies would put more onus on the medical profession to find alternative, of course Government have to back any change and that means political action…….I look forward to hearing the rest of Jacqui’s talk, she has written an interesting piece in the book ‘De-medicalising Misery’

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