Free Kindle edition of The Dark Threads



For 5 days only, from Sunday 29th July – Thursday 2nd August, you can download the Kindle edition of The Dark Threads absolutely FREE from Amazon.  Click here (UK),   or here (USA). Forgive me for tooting my horn but I want anyone who might be interested to know about this time-limited free offer. The Dark Threads is the true story of how a bright teenager was transformed into a zombie thanks to a cocktail of drugs and electric shock treatment for an illness she never had. Jean Davison lost years of her life when doctors misdiagnosed her mental state as chronic schizophrenia. Sucked into the psychiatric system, she eventually lost her job, her boyfriend and all self-esteem. But eventually she managed to break free. Told with humour and insight, using extracts from her medical case notes, Jean’s memoir raises disturbing questions about psychiatric treatment in the sixties and seventies, which are still relevant today. ‘Essential reading for everyone who is involved in improving services in mental health.” – Dorothy Rowe, author and psychologist.The book she [Jean] began writing decades ago on an old portable typewriter in the YWCA is now published, and though harrowing is crafted with much style and dignity and not without humour. In the words of author and psychologist Dorothy Rowe the book is ‘essential reading for everyone who is involved in improving services in mental health’. To this I would add a far broader readership will also applaud ‘The Dark Threads.’  –  from a review from, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.

5 thoughts on “Free Kindle edition of The Dark Threads

  1. Hi Jean,
    I have just seen a link to your memoir on twitter (through @leedscounsellor) and have downloaded your book. I am looking forward to reading it and following you, now that I have found your blog. My very best to you, Ruth

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